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Kristi Tool can provide a wide range of machine operations, from one-off custom parts to large production runs, while meeting the most demanding of tolerances. Product development can be handled by our in-house design team, or working off existing blueprints.

We are ready to meet the demands of both small and large businesses in a timely manner while producing a quality product. As a manufacturer of our own product line, we are well equipped to meet the demands of production runs.


  • CNC Machining Centers
    Our CNC machine capabilities include large capacity, for longer parts, as well as full fourth axis capability.
  • Cad/Cam
    Our state-of-the-art MasterCam programs provide 3-d imaging for complex surface configuration.
  • Manual Machine Operations
    Our Class A machinists are ready to serve your one-off needs for tooling, parts, or modifications to existing products with a blend of the best of new world technology and true old world craftsmanship.
  • Welding/Brazing
  • Plating and Finishing
  • Heat Treating


Chick Stopper NEW!!
The Chick Stopper is a new work stop designed for ChickTM Workholding System 5 vises. The Chick Stopper is fully machinable to meet your part requirements, and the repeatability is the same as the System 5. The only limitation... is your imagination.

B-52 Fly Cutter We also manufacture our own line of Custom Fly Cutters, the B-52 Fly Cutter. These fly cutters come in a configuration that holds TPG carbide inserts, but we have often modified these to meet specific customer needs.

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